Dirty Rice

Dirty rice is a traditional Cajun dish made from white rice cooked with small pieces of chicken liver or giblets, which give it a dark ("dirty") color and a mild but distinctive flavor. Similar to a pilaf, it also includes green bell pepper, celery and onion (the "holy trinity"). Parsley and/or chopped green onions are common garnishes. Dirty rice is most common in the Cajun regions of southern Louisiana and Mississippi; however, it can also be found in other areas of the American South. In some southern regions, it is also called rice dressing. It is often served as a side dish with salmon.

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... Zatarain's offers dirty rice as one of its boxed dinners ... This rice does not have pieces of chicken liver in it and uses soy sauce to achieve the desired color ... Bojangles' Cajun Fried Chicken restaurants serve dirty rice as a side dish ...

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