Direction of Fit

Direction Of Fit

The technical term direction-of-fit is used to describe the distinctions that are offered by two related sets of opposing terms:

  • The more general set of mind-to-world (i.e., mind-to-fit-world, not from-mind-to-world) vs. world-to-mind (i.e., world-to-fit-mind) used by philosophers of mind, and
  • The narrower, more specific set, word-to-world (i.e., word-to-fit-world) vs. world-to-word (i.e., world-to-fit-word) used by advocates of speech act theory.

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... encyclopedic style John Searle used the notion of "direction of fit" to create a taxonomy of illocutionary acts This table may contain original research ... Thought decoded ↑ ↓ encoded Thought Reader's ← extended Symbol or Word Word-to-World Fit Writer's THOUGHT retrieves SYMBOL suited to REFERENT, Word suited to World ... World-to-Word Fit Reader's THOUGHT retrieves REFERENT suited to SYMBOL, World suited to Word ...
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... when used in the domain of the philosophy of mind, the concept direction of fit represents the distinguishing feature between two types of intentional mental states Facta (singular factum, states that currently exist ... that are yet to exist) are states with a world-to-mind direction of fit ... According to Velleman The term "direction of fit" refers to the two ways in which attitudes can relate propositions to the world ...

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