Direct Payments

The Direct Payments scheme is a UK Government initiative in the field of Social Services that gives users money directly to pay for their own care, rather than the traditional route of a Local Government Authority providing care for them. The Cabinet Office Strategy Unit calls direct payments "the most successful public policy in the area of social care".

Direct Payments are seen as making an important contribution to the independence, well being and quality of life of people with disabilities. When introduced, they were seen as a victory for the rights of disabled people.

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Direct Payments in Practice
... Direct Payments are intended to empower service users by allowing them control and choice over the services they use to meet their needs ... public money belonging to the local government who makes the payments ... to receive the entirety of their care needs through direct payments, people are free to mix direct payments for some of their needs with traditional methods of care provision ...
Carers And Disabled Children Act 2000 - Direct Payments For Young Disabled People
... Important issues for consideration when offering a direct payment to a young disabled person 1 ... As part of the transition to adulthood, some young people may wish to have a direct payment to manage parts or all of the elements of their care ... parents and children remain the same when direct payments are being discussed the family is the natural and most appropriate place for children, Local councils work in partnership with parents, while ...
Carers And Disabled Children Act 2000 - Direct Payments To Adolescents
... The Government's aim in extending direct payments to disabled young people age 16 and 17 ... Direct payments are able to bring about improvements in the quality of life of people who would like to manage their own social services support ... As part of the transition from childhood to adulthood, direct payments provide opportunities for disabled young people who want to develop management skills that will help them make decisions about how ...

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