Dipole Moment Density

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Relaxation (NMR) - Microscopic Mechanisms
... The most common mechanism is the magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between the magnetic moment of a nucleus and the magnetic moment of another nucleus or other entity (electron ... depends on the distance between the pair of dipoles (spins) but also on their orientation relative to the external magnetic field ... Nuclei with spin I ≥ 1 will have not only a nuclear dipole but a quadrupole ...
Electric Dipole Moment - Dipole Moment Density and Polarization Density - General Media
... a multipole expansion of the exact polarization density can be made ... By truncating this expansion (for example, retaining only the dipole terms, or only the dipole and quadrupole terms, or etc.), the results of the previous section are regained ... In particular, truncating the expansion at the dipole term, the result is indistinguishable from the polarization density generated by a uniform dipole ...
Electric Dipole Moment - Dipole Moment Density and Polarization Density
... The dipole moment of an array of charges, determines the degree of polarity of the array, but for a neutral array it is simply a vector property of the array ... The dipole moment density of the array p(r) contains both the location of the array and its dipole moment ... solved, and the information about the charge array is contained in the polarization density P(r) of Maxwell's equations ...

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