Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer - Path Taken By Data To DSLAM

Path Taken By Data To DSLAM

  1. Customer premises: DSL modem terminating the ADSL, SHDSL or VDSL circuit and providing LAN interface to single computer or LAN segment
  2. Local loop: the telephone company wires from a customer to the telephone exchange or to a serving area interface, often called the "last mile" (LM).
  3. Telephone exchange:
    • Main distribution frame (MDF): a wiring rack that connects outside subscriber lines with internal lines. It is used to connect public or private lines coming into the building to internal networks. At the telco, the MDF is generally in proximity to the cable vault and not far from the telephone switch.
    • xDSL filters: DSL filters are used in the telephone exchange to split voice from data signals. The voice signal can be routed to a POTS provider or left unused whilst the data signal is routed to the ISP DSLAM via the HDF (see next entry).
    • Handover distribution frame (HDF): a distribution frame that connects the last mile provider with the service provider's DSLAM
    • DSLAM: a device for DSL service. The DSLAM port where the subscriber local loop is connected converts analog electrical signals to data traffic (upstream traffic for data upload) and data traffic to analog electrical signals (downstream for data download).

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