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Notable Historical Jain Monks
... undivided sangha, Chandragupta Maurya was his disciple) (325 BCE) Sthulabhadra (Svetambar tradition) Ilango Adigal Kundakunda, (Digambar tradition) (2nd century CE) Spolniodnos, (Digamb ... Nemichandra, (Digambar tradition) Hemachandra,(Svetambar tradition), preceptor of Kumarapala, (1089–1172 CE) Jagadguru Hira Vijaya Suri, (Svetambar tradition), who was invited by Akbar, the Mughal emperor ... Acharya Aadisagar (Ankalikar)(Digambar tradition) (1866–1944) Shantisagar, (Digambar tradition) (1872–1955) Acharya Vidyasagar, (Digambar tradition) (Born 1946) ACHARYA ...
Acharya - In Jainism
... Chandragupta Maurya was his disciple) (325 BCE) Sthulabhadra (Svetambar tradition) Kundakunda, (Digambar tradition) (2nd century CE) Jaysen Acharya, (Digambar ... commentary on Samaysaar Shastra Amrutchandra Acharya, (Digambar tradition) - wrote Atmakhyati take on Samaysaar - i.e ... Samantabhadra, (Digambar tradition) (3rd–4th century CE) Siddhasena Divakara, (claimed by both) (5th century CE) Haribhadra,(Svetambar tradition ...

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