Diaper Rash

  • (noun): Dermatitis of the thighs and buttocks of infants; supposedly caused by ammonia in the urine in the child's diapers.
    Synonyms: diaper dermatitis

Some articles on diaper rash:

Intertrigo - Treatments
... The most common treatment being a baby diaper rash ointment such as a topical zinc oxide cream ... There are also many other generic diaper rash creams that may work ... cream, most commonly clotrimazole 1%, to be used in conjunction with a diaper rash ointment ...
Irritant Diaper Dermatitis - Causes - Effects of Diet
... IDD explains the observation that infant diet and diaper rash are linked because fecal enzymes are in turn affected by diet ... Breast-fed babies, for example, have a lower incidence of diaper rash, possibly because their stools have higher pH and lower enzymatic activity ... Diaper rash is also most likely to be diagnosed in infants 8–12 months old, perhaps in response to an increase in eating solid foods and dietary changes around that ...

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    You look rather rash my dear your colors don’t quite match your face.
    Daisy Ashford (1881–1972)

    Like many other women, I could not understand why every man who changed a diaper has felt impelled, in recent years, to write a book about it.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)