Dialect Levelling in Britain

Dialect Levelling In Britain

Dialect levelling is the means by which dialect differences decrease. For example, in rural areas of Britain, although English is widely spoken, the pronunciation and grammar have historically varied. During the 20th century, more people moved into towns and cities, standardizing the English language. Dialect levelling can develop via the influence of various types of media.

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... Over the larger area of Great Britain, geographical diffusion tends to take place as opposed to dialect levelling ... Where dialect levelling takes place locally, geographical diffusion covers large areas (Kerswill, 2003) ... Social dialect The Survey of British Dialect Grammar suggests the term social dialect as supposed to regional dialect because the dialect a person uses seems to be more closely related to a person’s social ...

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    The eyes of men converse as much as their tongues, with the advantage that the ocular dialect needs no dictionary, but is understood all the world over.
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