Devil's Pool

Devil's pool or Devil's Pool may refer to:

  • Devil's Pool, Australia, a natural and legendary watercourse known for the hazards it presents to swimmers
  • Devil's Pool, Philadelphia is the section of Cresheim_Creek just before its confluence with Wissahickon_Creek.
  • Devil's Swimming Pool, a natural pool at the edge of Victoria Falls, Africa that is occasionally safe for swimming
  • Devil's Pool, Illinois, an abandoned, overgrown swimming pool in Wadsworth, Illinois famous for incidents of devil worship, animal sacrifice, and ghostly images
  • Devil's pool (billiards), a form of pool (pocket billiards) native to Australia, making use of upright obelisk-like "pins" as targets and/or obstacles, depending upon game variant

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Famous quotes containing the words pool and/or devil:

    ... this dream that men shall cease to waste strength in competition and shall come to pool their powers of production is coming to pass all over the earth.
    Jane Addams (1860–1935)

    It’s that old devil moon in your eyes.
    E.Y. Harburg (1898–1981)