Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - Major Contributors To The Field

Major Contributors To The Field

  • Jean Decety who studies empathy, sympathy, and implicit moral reasoning in typically developing children as well as children with social and cognitive disorders.
  • Mark Johnson, whose book Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience played a part in giving the field its name. Johnson specializes in the development of the social brain in infancy and has proposed the Interactive Specialization hypothesis of brain development.
  • Annette Karmiloff-Smith who specializes in developmental disorders, particularly Williams syndrome.
  • Patricia K. Kuhl, who investigates language and brain development in young children.
  • Yuko Munakata, who builds computational models of development. She specializes in the early emergence of executive function.
  • Adele Diamond, who performs mainly behavioral testing, specializes in the development of executive function.
  • Barbara Landau, who studies cognitive development, focusing on the development of spatial language. Like Karmiloff-Smith, Landau specializes in the development of people with Williams Syndrome.
  • Philip David Zelazo studies the development and neural bases of executive function, or the conscious control of thought, action, and emotion.

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