Detention Hearing

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David Carruthers - Initial Detention Hearing
... At a detention hearing in Fort Worth, Texas on July 20, David Carruthers waived his right to a bail hearing when he appeared before the Texas court ... "We want to have the detention hearing in the jurisdiction of East Missouri," Evans told the court ... "We order that David Carruthers be detained pending a detention hearing to be held in the prosecuting district," was Judge Charles Bleil's reply ...
Habeas Corpus In The United States - Habeas Corpus in The 21st Century
... held indefinitely, without charges being filed against him or her, without a court hearing, and without legal counsel ... to provide a Combatant Status Review Tribunal hearing ... from petitioning any court for any reason before a CSRT hearing takes place ...

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    We can say that the sound is the primary object of the act of hearing, and that the act of hearing itself is the secondary object.
    Franz Clemens Brentano (1838–1917)

    I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I’m a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing now or in the future to be ashamed of in this situation. That, at bottom, I myself have in a certain sense asked for this detention and this sentence, because I’ve always refused to change my opinion, for which I would be willing to give my life and not just remain in prison. That therefore I can only be tranquil and content with myself.
    Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937)