Desktop Linux - Measuring Adoption

Measuring Adoption

Measuring the adoption of Linux on the desktop is a difficult proposition and has caused controversy as to how many users there actually are.

As Linux systems are typically downloaded, copied and distributed for free, the usual methods of tracking sales numbers do not apply in gauging numbers of Linux desktop users. This use of website counters to identify operating systems also does not produce reliable numbers, due to such factors as:

  • individual websites do not attract a representative sample, due to their content.
  • spoofing of addresses.
  • problems tagging identification strings as to Linux or even distribution results in high numbers of "unknown operating system".
  • identifying computers that operate from behind proxies.
  • the multiplying effects of botnets which tend to create the illusion of more insecure PCs, running Windows systems.
  • the fact that not all PCs are connected to the internet and used for web browsing.
  • one download could result in none or whole site installations

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