Deputy Minister Stakes - Winners of The Deputy Minister Stakes

Winners of The Deputy Minister Stakes

2011 Queen Street Beach Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Melnyk Racing Stables 1:22.88
2010 Race for Gold The Very Dry Stable 1:23.98
2009 Costalivin Jim McAleney John A. Ross Jam Jar Racing Stable 1:23.59
2008 Piper in the Glen Chad Beckon Zeljko Krcmar Jesse Self 1:24.30
2007 Dancer's Bajan Todd Kabel Robert P. Tiller 3 Sons Racing Stable 1:23.94
2006 Bad Hat Todd Kabel Mike DePaulo Bel Ange Bloodstock et al. 1:31.18
2005 Bold Grenadier Na Somsanith Scott H. Fairlie A. Bhangoo & S. Fairlie 1:22.74
2004 Millfleet Jill Scharfstein Hugo Dittfach Margaret Squires 1:23.65
2003 Battlements Todd Kabel Barbara J. Minshall Minshall Farms 1:22.50
2002 Mulligan The Great Emile Ramsammy Cliff C. Hopmans Charles E. Simmons 1:22.96
2001 Devil Valentine Emile Ramsammy Fenton Platts Sandra & Gerry Gibbs 1:22.39
2000 Runaway Love Emile Ramsammy Abraham R. Katryan Brandon Brako Stable 1:22.72
1999 Arctic Squire Kenneth Skinner Hugo Dittfach Margaret Squires 1:23.20
1998 One Way Love David Clark Michael J. Wright, Jr. B. Schickedanz & J. Hillier 1:23.00
1997 Matterofintegrity Dino Luciani T. Windsor Foxcroft Stable et al. 1:21.80

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