Dependency Hell

Dependency hell is a colloquial term for the frustration of some software users who have installed software packages which have dependencies on specific versions of other software packages. This was mainly attributable to Windows' DLL Hell. Current package managers in Linux have largely solved this problem by automatically resolving and downloading dependencies.

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Dependency Hell - Examples
... One modern example of dependency hell on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X is the Gecko Runtime Engine, or GRE, used by Mozilla projects ... The duplication of the GRE is actually a work-around to the core problem of dependency hell ... By statically linking Gecko, the Mozilla developers avoid potential dependency hell for their binary packages, at the cost of increased disk and memory usage ...

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    The history of work has been, in part, the history of the worker’s body. Production depended on what the body could accomplish with strength and skill. Techniques that improve output have been driven by a general desire to decrease the pain of labor as well as by employers’ intentions to escape dependency upon that knowledge which only the sentient laboring body could provide.
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