Densetsu No Stafy R

Densetsu no Stafy (伝説のスタフィー, Densetsu no Sutafī?, lit. "The Legendary Starfy") is a manga series produced by Shogakukan and Nintendo. It is based on the The Legendary Starfy video game series, specifically the first and second titles in the series.

The manga series later got a sequel titled Densetsu no Stafy R (伝説のスタフィーR, Densetsu no Sutafī R?, lit. "The Legendary Stafy R"). It is based on the same video game series as Densetsu no Stafy, specifically Densetsu no Stafy 4. This manga is also titled Densetsu no Stafy Returns (デンセツノスタフィーリターンズ, Densetsu no Sutafī Ritānzu?, lit. "The Legendary Stafy Returns").