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Phoenix Nights - Episode Guide - Series 1
... Baptiste (Alex Lowe) for the club, who had been recommended by Den Perry Jerry seems oblivious to the fact that Den Perry wants the Phoenix Club to fail ... The series concludes with Den Perry, outraged at the success of the Phoenix Club, setting it on fire ...
Brian Potter - Character History
... Den Perry, the owner of Banana Grove and Brian's nemesis, was said to have been "crying in his beer" when The Phoenix Club got Talent Trek, according to Brian ... Perry showed up at the club on the night of the final, acting friendly to Brian ... But after the Talent Trek final Perry discarded his cigar in the Gents Toilets, setting a fire in the club, as intended when he threw it in the bin full of tissue paper, but which also happened to contain Paddy's ...
List Of Phoenix Nights Characters - Den Perry
... Den Perry (played by Ted Robbins), is the owner of rival club "The Banana Grove", and is the 'bad guy' of the series ... It is unclear what Perry's full first name is, since Brian Potter refers to him as both Dennis and Denzel ...
The Phoenix Club
... between The Phoenix Club, and local rival club 'The Banana Grove', run by the flamboyant Den Perry ... staging of the highly regarded local talent contest 'Talent Trek' a vengeful Den Perry burns the club down ... Eventually, Den Perry unwittingly reveals to most of the local clientele that he burned down the Phoenix Club, and the club is victorious ...
Phoenix Nights - Episode Guide - Series 2
... was caused by a discarded cigarette or cigar, leading Brian to believe Den Perry was responsible ... on Crimetime for publicity and a chance to accuse Den Perry ... Both Brian and Den Perry enter teams to try and win it ...

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