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Democratic Peace Theory - Criticism - Definitions, Methodology and Data
... For example, one study (Oren 1995) reports that Germany was considered a democratic state by Western opinion leaders at the end of the 19th century yet in the ... Rummel (Rummel 1999) replies to this criticism by stating that, in general, studies on democratic peace do not focus on other countries' perceptions of democracy and in the specific case of Serbia, by arguing ... Some democratic peace researchers have been criticized for post hoc reclassifying some specific conflicts as non-wars or political systems as non-democracies without checking and correcting the whole data set used ...
Never At War - Criticisms - Alternate Explanations For Democratic Peace
... that universal democracy will mean lasting peace ... If Weart's explanation for the democratic peace is true and this also depends on perception, then democratic leaders may misperceive each other as authoritarian ... such as criminals, perverts, or terrorists.) There are many other proposed explanations for the democratic peace ...
Realism In International Relations - Criticisms - Democratic Peace
... Democratic peace theory advocates also that realism is not applicable to democratic states' relations with each another, as their studies claim that such states do not go to war with one another ...
Democratic Peace Theory - Criticism - Other Explanations - Realist Explanations
... that not democracy or its absence, but considerations and evaluations of power, cause peace or war ... Specifically, many realist critics claim that the effect ascribed to democratic, or liberal, peace, is in fact due to alliance ties between democratic states ... For example, Farber and Gowa (1995) find evidence for peace between democracies to be statistically significant only in the period from 1945 on, and consider such peace an artifact of the Cold War, when the threat ...
Democratic Peace Theory - Criticism - Other Explanations - Political Similarity
... the theory cannot claim that "democracy causes peace", because the evidence for democracies being, in general, more peaceful is very slight or non ... is that democracies are not peaceful to each other because they are democratic, but rather because they are similar ... of thought started with several independent observations of an "Autocratic Peace" effect, a reduced probability of war (obviously no author claims its absence) between states which are both non ...

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    Without free, self-respecting, and autonomous citizens there can be no free and independent nations. Without internal peace, that is, peace among citizens and between the citizens and the state, there can be no guarantee of external peace.
    Václav Havel (b. 1936)

    That’s free enterprise, friends: freedom to gamble, freedom to lose. And the great thing—the truly democratic thing about it—is that you don’t even have to be a player to lose.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)