Democratic Party of Oregon

The Democratic Party of Oregon, based in Portland, is the official Oregon affiliate of the United States Democratic Party. It is recognized by the state of Oregon as a major political party, along with the Oregon Republican Party. The state Central Committee, made up of two delegates elected from each of Oregon's 36 counties and one additional delegate for every 15,000 registered Democrats, is the main authoritative body of the party. After Oregon was admitted into the Union in 1859, the Democratic party controlled the state. Oregon elected twice as many Democrats as Republicans between 1859 and 1879 in statewide elections for governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, and congressmen. The party holds 30 members in the State House that has 60 representatives total, and 16 members in the State Senate, out of 30 delegates total. The party also holds the Governor’s office (John Kitzhaber), Attorney General (John Kroger), Labor Commissioner (Brad Avakian), secretary of State (Kate Brown), and State Treasurer (Ted Wheeler). The Democrats also have both U.S senate positions in their state and send four of the five U.S House representatives from Oregon to D.C.

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