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Democratic Education - Scholars
... philosopher and proponent of democracy Michael Apple - Social scientist, democratic education scholar, University of Wisconsin–Madison Pierre Bourdieu - Anthropologist, social theorist, College de France ... John Holt - Critic of conventional education and proponent of home-schooling Homer Lane - Democratic education pioneer, founder of the Ford Republic (1907–12) and the Little ... Neill - Democratic education pioneer, founder of the Summerhill School Claus Offe - Political Scientist, theorist of deliberative democratic culture, Hertie School of Governance Karl ...
Noam Chomsky - Thought - Politics
... Freedom Socialist Party Socialist Action Democratic Socialists of America International Socialist Organization Revolutionary Communist Party USA Socialist Alternative Socialist Equality ... Issues Anarcho-capitalism Animal rights Capitalism Education Criticisms Islam LGBT rights Lifestylism Marxism Nationalism Orthodox Judaism Religion Sex/love Violence History Paris Commune Hague ... and freedom for all while allying itself with non-democratic and repressive organizations and states such as Chile under Augusto Pinochet and argues that this results in massive human rights violations ...

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    I have looked warily at anthropologists ever since the day when I went to hear a great Greek scholar lecture on the Iliad, and listened for an hour to talk about bull-roarers and leopard-societies.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)

    The worst of all States is the democratic State.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)

    It’s fairly obvious that American education is a cultural flop. Americans are not a well-educated people culturally, and their vocational education often has to be learned all over again after they leave school and college. On the other hand, they have open quick minds and if their education has little sharp positive value, it has not the stultifying effects of a more rigid training.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)