Della Grazie Battery

Della Grazie Battery is a fortification by the British on the island of Malta. It stands above the shore to the east of Grand Harbour, close to the present day town of Xghajra. Construction started in 1888 and was completed in March 1893. The battery was constructed to take advantage of the improved breech loading guns then coming into service. It was equipped with two 6 inc and two 10 inch breech loading guns in disappearing mounts.

The installation takes the form of a polygonal fort, irregular hexagonal in plan, with two caponniers defending the forward ditches. Access to the fort is via a gatehous and causway across the rear ditch.

The battery takes its name from the much earlier Wignacourt tower, the Santa Maria delle Grazie Tower that stood close to the present battery. The original tower was demolished to clear the field of fire of the present battery.

The battery is now in the care of Xghajra council and is being restored to form the focal point for a public space, Battery Park.

The gallery below shows views on an anti-clockwise tour of the exterior of the fort. The rear section of the left hand ditch and the right half or the rear ditch are private property and inaccessible to photograph.

  • Layout of the Battery, detail from a sign beside the gate.

  • The modern gate that closes off the causway.

  • looking down the rear ditch away from the causeway.

  • Looking along the rear ditch towards the causeway, where the musket ports that command the rear ditch, can be seen.

  • The corner of the ditch, where the right hand ditch and the rear ditch meet

  • Looking towards the rear of the battery along the right hand ditch.

  • Looking down the forward ditch, along the line of fire of the right hand caponnier.

  • View along the forward ditch looking towards the right hand caponnier.

  • View along the forward ditch towards the left hand caponnier in the distance.

  • Looking into the battery across the forward ditch.

  • The bomb proof roof of the left hand caponnier.

  • Looking down the left hand ditch of the battery, with the left caponnier nestling in the ditch.