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The Undead

  • Mene Tekel, or Mister Quick - The power behind the undead hordes
  • La Voisin - Countess Madalena Von Konigsberg, also known as 'Prussian Blue'. Mene Tekel's second in command, a powerful sorceress, and self-styled 'Queen of the zombies'
  • Oliver Cromwell - Returned from the dead and leagued with the zombies in order to revenge himself on the Restoration
  • Baroque - La Voisin's part-clockwork bodyguard, veteran of the Battle of Magdeburg
  • Jack O'Bite - Once Titus' best friend, now a Lieutenant of the zombie hordes
  • The Diabolonians - Twelve highly intelligent 'super zombies', mortal enemies of the Vizards.
  • The Spiriter - Silas Scrimgeour, formerly of the Brethren of the Night, killed by the Diabolonians and resurrected by La Voisin.

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