Defensive Marketing Warfare

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Marketing Warfare Strategies
... Offensive marketing warfare strategies - are used to secure competitive advantages market leaders, runner-ups or struggling competitors are usually attacked Defensive ... Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies - Attack, retreat, hide, then do it again, and again, until the competitor moves on to other markets ... (see Defensive marketing warfare strategies for a description) Frontal Attack - A direct head-on confrontation ...

Famous quotes containing the words warfare and/or defensive:

    The chief reason warfare is still with us is neither a secret death-wish of the human species, nor an irrepressible instinct of aggression, nor, finally and more plausibly, the serious economic and social dangers inherent in disarmament, but the simple fact that no substitute for this final arbiter in international affairs has yet appeared on the political scene.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)

    Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats, and shrapnel.
    Katharine Whitehorn (b. 1926)