Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System

The Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System was an enterprise program of the Business Transformation Agency's Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive, within the United States Department of Defense (DoD). As the largest enterprise resource planning program ever implemented for human resources, DIMHRS (pronounced dime-ers) was to subsume or replace over 90 legacy systems. The first phase of DIMHRS was expected to roll out first to the U.S. Army in 2009 and bring all payroll and personnel functions for the Army into one integrated web-based system. The U.S. Air Force, United States Navy and the Marines were expected to roll out in that order after the Army had implemented it. After numerous delays, technical problems, and other issues, in February 2010, the DoD cancelled the program, after 10 years and $850 million. (DoD: Integrated pay system is not total loss, 15 March 2010, Air Force Times)

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Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System - List of Systems That Were To Be Replaced By DIMHRS
... Over 100 systems across DOD had been scheduled to be replaced with the implementation of DIMHRS ... This table represents the systems that would've been subsumed by DIMHRS if it had been fully implemented ... System Name System Name Abbreviation Service Purpose Notes Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System DCIPS Joint the human resources management system ...

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