Defect Tracking

In engineering, defect tracking is the process of finding defects in a product (by inspection, testing, or recording feedback from customers), and making new versions of the product that fix the defects. Defect tracking is important in software engineering as complex software systems typically have tens or hundreds or thousands of defects: managing, evaluating and prioritizing these defects is a difficult task. When the numbers of defects gets quite large, and the defects need to be tracked over extended periods of time, use of a defect tracking system can make the management task much easier.

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Defect Tracking - Defect Prevention
... The objective of defect prevention is to identify the defects and take corrective action to ensure they are not repeated over subsequent iterative cycles ... Defect prevention can be implemented by preparing an action plan to minimize or eliminate defects, generating defect metrics, defining corrective action and ... Defect prevention can be accomplished by accomplishing the following steps Calculate defect data with periodic reviews using test logs from the execution phase this data should be used to segregate ...
The Importance of Software Maintenance
25% Reverse engineering tools 23% Complexity analysis tools 20% Defect tracking tools 20% Y2K “mass update” specialists 20% Automated change control tools 18 ... situation which often degrades performance is lack of suitable maintenance tools, such as defect tracking software, change management software, and test library software. 28% Manual change control methods -27% Low level programming languages -25% No defect tracking tools -24% No Y2K “mass update” specialists -22 ...

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