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North Manitou Island
... It has a land area of 57.876 kmĀ² (22.346 sq mi) and has no population ... the island other than those used by the National Park Service or to cart off a dead deer ... (owner of most of the Island by that time) used the imported deer population as an economic resource, hosting hunters ...
Medical Issues - Population Control Measures - Deer Ticks
... The black-legged or deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) is dependent on the white-tailed deer for reproduction ... Larval and nymph stages (immature ticks that cannot reproduce) of the deer tick feed on birds and small mammals ... tick needs a large 3-day blood meal from the deer before she can reproduce and lay her 2000 or more eggs ...
Lyme Disease - Prevention - Management of Host Animals
... Lyme and all other deer tick-borne diseases can be prevented on a regional level by reducing the deer population on which the ticks depend for ... The black-legged or deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) depends on the white-tailed deer for successful reproduction ... For example, in the US, reducing the deer population to levels of 8 to 10 per square mile (from the current levels of 60 or more deer per square mile in the areas of the ...
Kaibab Plateau - Kaibab Deer
... to an interesting experiment in what some might call population engineering ... The plateau's pre-1905 population of deer was estimated to be around 4,000 ... Years later, Aldo Leopold famously estimated that the capacity had been about 30,000 deer ...

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    The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.
    Adolf Hitler (1889–1945)

    There is a road that turning always
    Cuts off the country of Again.
    Archers stand there on every side
    And as it runs time’s deer is slain,
    And lies where it has lain.
    Edwin Muir (1887–1959)