Deer Antlers

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Deer - Biology - Antlers
... With the exception of the Chinese Water Deer, which have tusks, all male deer have antlers ... The only female deer with antlers are reindeer (caribou) ... Antlers grow as highly vascular spongy tissue covered in a skin called velvet ...
Domesticated Birds - Semidomesticated, Routinely Captive-bred, or Domestication Status Unclear
... pictus) date uncertain China meat, ornamental, garden bird Held/tame in captivity Sika deer (Cervus nippon) Sika deer (Cervus nippon) Unknown Japan, China meat, antlers Held/tame in captivity ... milk, transportation, working, draft, mount, hides, racing, leather, antlers Semidomesticated White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba) White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba) Tang Dynasty China pets ...

Famous quotes containing the words antlers and/or deer:

    moves in a wood of desire,

    pale antlers barely stirring
    as he hunts. I cannot tell
    what power is at work, drenched there
    with purpose, knowing nothing.
    Thom Gunn (b. 1929)

    The deer and the dachshund are one.
    Well, the gods grow out of the weather.
    The people grow out of the weather;
    The gods grow out of the people.
    Encore, encore, encore les dieux . . .
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)