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Rhinoplasty - Anatomy of The Human Nose - The Structures of The Nose
... movements of the human nose are controlled by groups of facial and neck muscles that are set deep to the skin they are in four (4) functional groups that are interconnected by the nasal superficial ... branches from the internal carotid artery, the branch of the anterior ethmoid artery, the branch of the posterior ethmoid artery, which derive from the ophthalmic ... to the retropharyngeal nodes (in back), and anteriorly (in front), either to the upper deep cervical nodes (in the neck), or to the submandibular glands (in the lower jaw), or into both the nodes and the ...
Deep Branch Of Lateral Plantar Nerve
... The deep branch of lateral plantar nerve (muscular branch) accompanies the lateral plantar artery on the deep surface of the tendons of the Flexor muscles and the Adductor hallucis, and supplies all the. 9.948) lumbar plexus (L1–L4) iliohypogastric lateral cutaneous branch anterior cutaneous branch ilioinguinal anterior scrotal ♂/labial ♀ genitofemoral femoral branch/lumboinguinal genital branch lateral ...
Superior Gluteal Artery - Deep Branch
... The deep branch lies under the Gluteus medius and almost immediately subdivides into two ... of the Gluteus minimus to the anterior superior spine of the ilium, anastomosing with the deep iliac circumflex artery and the ascending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex artery ...
Radial Nerve - Branches/Innervations - Motor
... lateral and medial heads) Anconeus Brachioradialis Extensor carpi radialis longus Deep branch of the radial nerve Extensor carpi radialis brevis Supinator Posterior interosseous nerve (a ...

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