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IBM System Z10 - Features - New Features - Decimal Floating Point
... The System z9 was the first commercial server to add IEEE 754 decimal floating point instructions, although these instructions were implemented in microcode with some hardware assists ... examples, Enterprise PL/I, XL C, and the z/OS Java BigDecimal class can exploit hardware decimal floating point ...
Scanf - Format String Specifications
... commonly used placeholders follow %d Scan an integer as a signed decimal number ... u Scan for decimal unsigned int (Note that in the C99 standard the input value minus sign is optional, so if a negative number is read, no errors will arise and the ... %f Scan a floating-point number in normal (fixed-point) notation ...

Famous quotes containing the words floating and/or decimal:

    I myself have seen the floating ships
    And nothing will ever be the same
    The shouts,
    The harrowing voices within the house.
    I stand apart with an army:
    My mind is graven with ships.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    It makes little sense to spend a month teaching decimal fractions to fourth-grade pupils when they can be taught in a week, and better understood and retained, by sixth-grade students. Child-centeredness does not mean lack of rigor or standards; it does mean finding the best match between curricula and children’s developing interests and abilities.
    David Elkind (20th century)