Decay Chain - Actinide Alpha Decay Chains

Actinide Alpha Decay Chains

Actinides Half-life Fission products
Cm Puƒ Cf Ac 10–22 y m is
Kr Cd₡
Uƒ Pu Cmƒ 29–90 y Cs Sr Sm Sn
ƒ for
Cfƒ Amƒ Cfƒ 140 y –
1.6 ky

No fission products
have a half-life in the
range of 91 y – 210 ky

Am Ra Bk
Pu Th Cm Am 5–7 ky
4n Cmƒ Cm Puƒ 8–24 ky
Npƒ Uƒ Th Pa 32–160 ky
Cm 4n+1 U 211–348 ky Tc can capture Sn Se
U Np Pu Cmƒ 0.37–23 My Cs₡ Zr Pd I
Pu for
4n+2 4n+3 80 My 6-7% 4-5% 1.25% 0.1-1% <0.05%
Th U Uƒ№ 0.7–14 Gy fission product yield

In the four tables below, the minor branches of decay (with the branching ratio of less than 0.0001%) are omitted. The energy release includes the total kinetic energy of all the emitted particles (electrons, alpha particles, gamma quanta, neutrinos, Auger electrons and X-rays) and the recoil nucleus, assuming that the original nucleus was at rest. The letter 'a' represents a year.

In the tables below (except neptunium), the historic names of the naturally occurring nuclides are also given. These names were used at the time when the decay chains were first discovered and investigated. From these historical names one can locate the particular chain to which the nuclide belongs, and replace it with its modern name.

The three naturally-occurring actinide alpha decay chains given below—thorium, uranium/radium (from U-238), and actinium (from U-235)—each ends with its own specific lead isotope (Pb-208, Pb-206, and Pb-207 respectively). All these isotopes are stable and are also present in nature as primordial nuclides, but their excess amounts in comparison with lead-204 (which has only a primordial origin) can be used in the technique of uranium-lead dating to date rocks.

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