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Xbox 360 Version

An Xbox 360 port was released in Japan on April 23, 2009 in both regular and limited editions. The Limited Edition includes a Manabu Namiki Selection Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album soundtrack CD. New game modes include an Xbox 360 mode and Ver 1.1 mode. The player can also adjust the screen brightness, background frame, game screen position and zoom level.

Downloadable content for the Japanese market included the "Mega Black Label" (1200MSP)and a full voice download card for preorder and limited edition users. A "Mega Black Label Ver.1.1" was later made available as DLC.

Hori produced a controller for the Xbox 360 game that was an Amazon Japan exclusive.

On April 8, 2010, the Platinum Collection re-release came out in Japan, containing both the main game and the Mega Black Label downloadable content on the disc.

Aksys Games has released the game in North America on June 28, 2010. A Limited Edition was released that includes, along with the game, an exclusive Xbox 360 faceplate and a "Premium Arrange Album" soundtrack CD. As with the Japanese Platinum Collection re-release, the North American port integrates the Mega Black Label (MBL) content, providing a total of 6 game versions selectable from the front-end menu: Arcade, Ver 1.1, Xbox 360, MBL Ver 1.1, MBL Arcade, MBL Xbox 360. The additional playable character, Sakura, is available in the MBL versions.

Rising Star Games released the game in Europe on February 18, 2011 as "Deathsmiles: Deluxe Edition". This contained a soundtrack CD and a CD intended for use on the PC including desktop themes. Originally the soundtrack CD was misprinted and was released as a data CD including the music as .wav files. Rising Star sent out correct audio CD versions to customers for free. The European release contains Arcade, Ver 1.1, Xbox 360, MBL Ver 1.1, MBL Arcade, MBL Xbox 360 as per the North American release.

In "Ver 1.1" mode, players can independently control familiars via the Xbox 360 controller. Lock shot and powerup shot are located on different buttons. Other changes include:

  • Item counter is powered when it reaches 100.
  • Item score limit is increased to 99999 points.
  • In boss battle, counter bullets are fired during power up mode.
  • When stage difficulty is set to 2 or above, counter bullets are fired during power up mode.
  • When stage difficulty is set to 3, death mode is automatically triggered.
  • When attacking a boss with auto lock shot, item counter increases.
  • Extra lives are granted at 30 million and 1 billion points.

Xbox 360 mode includes following changes:

  • Non-background graphics are redone
  • Except EXTRA (valley) and FINAL (castle) stages, all stages have selectable difficulties of 1 and 2, and can be selected multiple times.

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