De La Salle Institute (New York)

De La Salle Institute (New York)

The De La Salle Institute was a Catholic Church school for boys which operated in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States beginning in the 19th century. From 1902 it was located at 106 West 59th Street, running through to 107 West 58th Street. It fronted 59th Street for 53 feet 6 inches and faced Central Park. It had a depth of 200 feet, with 53 feet on West 58th Street, and 71 feet west on Sixth Avenue. In August 1912 the De La Salle Institute adjoined the German Club on West 59th Street and the Hotel Savilla on West 58th Street.

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De La Salle Institute (New York) - Location Changes
... The property was purchased in February 1921 by a syndicate,incorporated as the Copley Hotel Studios,with plans to build an upscale co-operative apartment house on the ... Eagle,of the silk firm of J.H ... In July 1922 the DeLa SalleInstitute relocated to a four-story building at 19 West 75th Street,which cost 45,000 ...

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