David Paul (guitarist)

David Paul (born November 1, 1956), is one of the top five Fingerstyle guitarists in the world today and is often referred to as "The Maestro of the Guitar."

Inspired by the music of Chet Atkins, Paul has been playing the guitar since he was seven years old, and he performed in his first recital at age eight. Later, he played with the Garden State Orchestra at age ten as a guest soloist.

David Paul is recognized as one of the best Fingerstyle guitar players and is known for his unique musical arrangements, along with his original compositions. Reviewers have said of him: 'He is the most creative finger-style guitarist on the planet' (The New York Times); "The closest living guitarist in sound, feel and approach to Chet Atkins" (Guitar Player Magazine). The late Chet Atkins said, 'David Paul would become one of the best guitarists in America and has the same sense of approaching a song as I in sound and arrangements!' Paul has been in the top 5 on the best sellers list four years in a row with the biggest Internet sites for this kind of music.

Snowbird Records said Paul's playing was so good that Heritage Guitars, formerly Gibson Guitars,http://www.heritageguitar.com/history.html has made a model called the "David Paul Signature Guitar." Paul's sixth CD, Stradivarius in the Closet, was nominated for two Grammys, and his newest CD, There's Only One, David Paul, promises to be up for several more. He is now working with PBS for a syndicated show in the fall. Paul continues to play for large audiences around the United States.

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