Dauletabad Gas Field

The Dauletabad Gas Field (also Döwletabat, Dauletabad-Donmez, and until 1991 known as Sovietabad) is a large natural gas field located in the Amu-Darya Basin, Ahal province, Turkmenistan. It is located in the vicinity of the Turkmenistan–Iran border, and is named after the Dowlatabad settlement across the border in Iran. The field is a part of the Amu-Darya oil-gas province.

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Dauletabad Gas Field - Reserves
... Before production started in 1982, recoverable reserves of natural gas were estimated about 60 trillion cubic feet (1.7×10^12 m3) ... were 48.7 trillion cubic feet (1.38×10^12 m3) of natural gas ... It was considered to be the largest gas field in Turkmenistan until thorough evaluation of reserves at a newly discovered Yolotan field were made public ...

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