Daughter of Kwok-A Incident

The Daughter of Kwok-A Incident (Chinese: 郭亞女事件) is the popular term for a controversial Social Welfare case in Hong Kong during 1986. The handling of the incident by then Director of Social Welfare (later Chief Secretary for Administration) Anson Chan drew heavy criticism from the Hong Kong press at the time.

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Daughter Of Kwok-A Incident - Aftermath
... the Hong Kong government investigated the entire incident, and released a report which suggested a number of rules, such as reserving breaking into a house to forcibly separate a family for the most extreme of ... The Kwok-A Incident has long faded into popular memory as a product of the 80's ... Although there are certain social welfare cases in recent times that were lauded as another Kwok-A Incident, nothing of this magnitude has materialised, and the "breaking and entering" rules that were the center ...

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