Dartmoor Pony

The Dartmoor Pony has lived in south-western England for centuries and is used for a variety of disciplines. Because of the extreme weather conditions experienced on the moors, the Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. Over the centuries it has been used as a working animal by local tin miners and quarry workers. It is kept in a semi-feral state on Dartmoor, Devon.

Despite this, numbers have declined from an estimated 25,800 in the 1930s to about 5,000 today. Only around 800 ponies were known to be grazing the moor in the spring of 2004.

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Dartmoor Pony - Dartmoor Ponies Today
... Dartmoor ponies are native to Britain, but are also seen in other parts of the world including the USA, Continental Europe, New Zealand and Australia ... are often used as foundation breeding stock for the Riding Pony ... All ponies free-roaming on Dartmoor are owned and protected by Dartmoor Commoners ...