Dark Mutation

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Dark Budgerigar Mutation - Historical Notes
... The Dark mutation is common in the wild as Dark Green budgerigars have been observed in wild flocks on several occasions ... But the Dark mutation was not seen in the domesticated budgerigar until the summer of 1915 when a Dark Green was observed by Monsieur A Blanchard in his aviaries in Toulouse ... The origins of this first Dark Green are not known ...
Dark Budgerigar Mutation - Genetics
... The Dark mutation has an incompletely dominant relationship with its wild-type allele ... In the green series varieties the Dark Green has one Dark allele and one wild-type allele at the Dark locus and the Olive has two Dark alleles ... In the blue series varieties the Cobalt has one Dark allele and one wild-type allele and the Mauve has two Dark alleles ...

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