Dariba Kalan

Dariba Kalan (Hindi:दरीबा कलान English: 'Street of the Incomparable Pearl'), is an old street in Delhi, India. The street derives its name from the Persian 'Dur-e be-baha', meaning 'pearl without parallel' having been the popular market of precious stones, gems, gold and silver jewelry since the time of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Today, most of shops in the street deal in silver and costume jewelry. Apart from jewelry, some shops of the market also deal in authentic itra, a special type of perfume and attar, claiming to having been in the trade since the early 19th century.

The street witnessed the bloody massacre of 1739, ordered by the Persian invader Nadir Shah, when hundreds of innocent civilians and soldiers were killed and gold shops looted.

Dariba Kalan is one of the locations mentioned in the popualr song "Kajra Re" from the hit Bollywood film Bunty aur Babli

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