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The player can choose which mode they want to play after putting in their coins, but before pressing Start.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix This is the default mode. In this mode, the 35 new songs are all available in addition to three carry-overs from 2ndMix, for a total of 38. When selecting difficulty, only Basic and Another are available. Nonstop Mode is a new feature available in 3rdMix mode, selectable when selecting single or double play. It allows the player to play one of several set courses without stopping. The only times that it stops is after each song and the new song's name appear.

Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix By pressing the yellow arrows in the pattern (Left, Left, Right, Right) before pressing start, the player enters 2ndMix mode. In this mode, Nonstop is not available, but the can select all the songs available in 2ndMix. All three difficulties—Basic, Another and Maniac—are available. Unlike SSR, "vivid" mode is on by default in 2ndMix mode.

Step Step Revolution By pressing the yellow arrows in the pattern (Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right) before pressing start, the player enters SSR mode. This mode is identical to 3rdMix, but only Maniac (SSR) difficulty is available. For the first time, the Maniac (SSR) difficulty for Double-Play is available (previous versions only has Basic and Another available for Double). "Vivid" mode is turned off by default, although it can be turned on with a code.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdReMix (available only in the home version) Using the 2ndMix code after unlocking SSR mode will unlock ReMix mode. In this mode, more characters and more songs are selectable, and all three difficulties (Basic, Another, and SSR) are selectable. You also have the option to exit or continue after each stage.(acts like a Event Mode)

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