Damage Caused

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Mac Mag - Damage Caused
... However a bug in the virus caused infected Mac II computers to undergo system crashes before this date ... It also caused a great deal of anxiety among users who found that their computers were infected with an unwanted program the nature of which was unknown ...
1947 Sydney Hailstorm - Aftermath
... The most damage was caused when the storm was its most intense, over the eastern suburbs of the city ... No official cost total exists for the amount of damage caused by the 1947 hailstorm, however a Reuters article published in New York Times on 2 January estimated preliminary damage to be worth around US$3 ... More definite historical accounts exist for damage caused to certain buildings ...
Types of Insurance - Property
... Property insurance provides protection against risks to property, such as fire, theft or weather damage ... insurance, or equipment breakdown insurance) insures against accidental physical damage to boilers, equipment or machinery ... insures against the risk of physical loss or damage to property during construction ...
Factortame Litigation - Factortame III: State Liability
... the conditions under which a Member State may incur liability for damage caused to individuals by breaches of Community law attributable to that State ... the principle that "a State must be liable for loss and damage caused to individuals as a result of breaches of Community law" ... to deny, whether wholly substantially, the right to claim damages the UK accepted that there was, in principle, such a right ...
Glengad - Major Landslide Area
... "From a visual inspection the damage is enormous, both on a personal, community and environmental level ... Millions of euros of damage were caused, and issues relating to housing, lands and environment will need to be addressed ... and television footage of the region does not appear to have done justice to the widespread damage caused and the effect it has on individuals and on the community ...

Famous quotes containing the words caused and/or damage:

    ‘Oh the withy, the withy, the bitter withy
    That has caused me to smart,
    The withy shall be the very first tree
    Fort to perish all at the heart.’
    Unknown. The Bitter Withy (l. 31–34)

    The relationship between mother and professional has not been a partnership in which both work together on behalf of the child, in which the expert helps the mother achieve her own goals for her child. Instead, professionals often behave as if they alone are advocates for the child; as if they are the guardians of the child’s needs; as if the mother left to her own devices will surely damage the child and only the professional can rescue him.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)