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Production Systems

Add-ins or extensions to create DAISY files from office software are also available:

  • Microsoft and Sonata Software created a Save as DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word to convert Office Open XML text documents to DAISY.
  • odt2daisy: an extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice that exports OpenDocument Text to DAISY XML or to Full DAISY (both XML and audio).

Other tools for DAISY production include:

  • the DAISY Pipeline, a cross-platform "open source framework for document- and DTB-related pipelined transformations", developed by the DAISY Consortium,
  • the DAISY Pipeline GUI,
  • PipeOnline, a web interface for the DAISY Pipeline,
  • Daisy Producer, a production management system for Digital Talking Books
  • Z39.86 DTB Validator, "Zedval": a Java-based validator for ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Digital Talking Books"
  • DAISY Demon, an open-source shell around the DAISY Pipeline to help automate the production of DAISY talking books, MP3, ePub, Word and HTML from XML file; developed by the Open University,
  • Dolphin Publisher and Dolphin EasyProducer (commercial products)
  • Obi, a free and open-source authoring tool by the DAISY Consortium
  • Tobi, a free and open-source authoring tool by the DAISY Consortium
  • Book Wizard Producer by the American Printing House for the Blind.
  • Max Daisy Maker: produces DAISY documents from Word Documents, PDF, HTML, CHM (Help files) and plain text

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