Dai Pai Dong

Dai pai dong is a type of open-air food stall once very popular in Hong Kong. The government registration name in Hong Kong is "cooked-food stalls", but dai pai dong literally means "restaurant with a big license plate", referring to its size of license which is bigger than other licensed street vendors. There are only 28 such stalls remaining in Hong Kong.

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Dai Pai Dong (restaurant)
... Dai Pai Dong is a chain of medium range restaurants based in Hong Kong, owned by the Kampery Group (Chinese 金百加集團) ... The chain has nothing to do with the traditional dai pai dong, except the name ... The food chain also produces a series of "Dai Pai Dong"–branded instant food products, including instant tea, instant coffee, instant yuanyang, and instant cereal ...
Dai Pai Dong - Preservation
... In May 2005, the existence of dai pai dong in Hong Kong caught considerable public attention, as Man Yuen Noodles, a dai pai dong selling noodles in Central ... The Hong Kong government was criticised for not trying its best to preserve dai pai dong as part of the Hong Kong culture ...

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