Cyclops in Other Media - Films - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A young Cyclops has a role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he is played by Australian actor Tim Pocock. He is first seen being scolded and sent to detention by his teacher for wearing his protective sunglasses in class. Later, while being punished to copy words on a blackboard, he is attacked by Victor Creed who wants to capture him for William Stryker's mutant experiments. During the chase, Cyclops' sunglasses fall off and his optic blasts damage the school building. He is finally taken captive and temporarily incapacitated with a carbon blindfold over his eyes, but is soon freed when a vengeful Wolverine attacks Stryker's facility. While escaping, Cyclops makes use of his eye beams to annihilate Stryker's minions, being pointed in the right direction by Emma Frost. He is then guided by the telepathic voice of Professor X who guides him and the other mutants to safety. Outside, he meets Professor X for the first time, and he with the other mutants leave with him on his helicopter. Cyclops' optic blasts are represented differently here than in the comics, generating heat as well as concussive force.

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