Cyclone Hettie (2009) - Storms - Tropical Disturbance 15F

Tropical Disturbance 15F

Tropical disturbance (Australian scale)
Duration April 7 – April 11
Peak intensity 35 km/h (25 mph) 1004 mbar (hPa)

Late on April 7, both the JTWC and RSMC Nadi reported that a tropical disturbance had developed in a monsoon trough about 510 km (320 mi), to the north-east of Honiara in the Solomon Islands. Deep convection was flaring over an elongated low level circulation centre which was in an area of low vertical wind shear. Early the next morning, RSMC Nadi designated it as 15F despite the disturbance remaining poorly defined. Despite a tropical wave moving through the system on April 9, the disturbance remained poorly defined with the JTWC reporting that it had dissipated early the next day before RSMC Nadi issued their last advisory early on April 11 as the disturbance moved into TCWC Brisbane's area of responsibility and was re-designated as Tropical Low 22U. Over the next couple of days the disturbance remained weak as it moved towards the southern tip of Papua New Guinea.

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