Cyclol Model

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Cyclol - Space-enclosing Fabrics
... In her fifth paper on cyclols (1937), Wrinch identified the conditions under which two planar cyclol fabrics could be joined to make an angle between their ... representation made it easy to see that the cyclol fabric planes can be joined correctly if the dihedral angle between the planes equals the tetrahedral bond angle δ = arccos(-1/3) ≈ 109.47° ... Considering the first series of "closed cyclols" (those modeled on the truncated tetrahedron), Wrinch showed that their number of amino acids increased quadratically as 72n2 ...
Cyclol - Illustration of The Scientific Method
... The cyclol model of protein structure is an example of empirical falsifiability acting as part of the scientific method ... In this case, the key hypothesis was that the cyclol form of the peptide group could be favored over the amide form ... This hypothesis led to the predictions of the cyclol-6 molecule and the cyclol fabric, which in turn suggested the model of semi-regular polyhedra for globular proteins ...

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