Curtiss Shrike

Curtiss Shrike may refer to any of the following aircraft

  • Curtiss A-8, a low-wing monoplane ground-attack aircraft, first flight June 1931
    • YA-10 Shrike, a test and development version of the A-8 with a radial engine, first flight 1932
    • A-12 Shrike, a variant of the A-8 and YA-10 with a radial engine, introduced 1933
  • Curtiss XA-14, a twin engine ground-attack aircraft prototype, first flight September 1935
    • A-18 Shrike, the operational version of the XA-14 with more powerful engines
  • SB2C Helldiver, also called A-25 Shrike, a carrier based dive bomber, first flight December 1940