Curse of The Pharaoh: The Quest For Nefertiti - Story


The story of the game is told through both in-game cutscenes as well as journal pages that the player must collect. These journal pages allow the player to unravel the story as they work through each of the 53 levels of the game.

The story begins in London of the 1930s. The player takes on the role of Anna, an archaeologist who discovers a letter from her stepbrother William, asking for her help. William informs Anna that, during his expedition in search of the tomb of Nefertiti, he has encountered a terrible plot with implications of a government conspiracy and cover-up. William implies that he is in danger and asks Anna to come looking for him should she not hear from him within two weeks. The game begins with the player attempting to find clues to locate William.

The journal left to Anna by William is incomplete, and during the course of the game, additional pages to that journal will be revealed to the player, outlining William's journeys through the locations the player is playing through, and providing the player with valuable clues.

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