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Connected-component Labeling - Algorithms - Two-pass
... the labels of pixels that are North-East, North, North-West and West of the current pixel (assuming 8-connectivity). 4-connectivity uses only North and West neighbors of the current pixel ... The following conditions are checked to determine the value of the label to be assigned to the current pixel (4-connectivity is assumed) Conditions to check Does the pixel to the left (West) have the same value ...
Skip List - Description
... "express lane" for the lists below, where an element in layer i appears in layer i+1 with some fixed probability p (two commonly used values for p are 1/2 or 1/4) ... On average, each element appears in 1/(1-p) lists, and the tallest element (usually a special head element at the front of the skip list) in lists ... A search for a target element begins at the head element in the top list, and proceeds horizontally until the current element is greater than or equal to the target ...

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