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Deutsche Bundesbank - The Bundesbank Today - The Bundesbank As The Keeper of The Currency Reserves
... Currency reserves are all assets of the Bundesbank that are not specified in EUR, including gold reserves, securities in foreign currency, credit with foreign banks, foreign exchange, etc ... Currency reserves can be invested for profit and also provide a possibility of intervening in the market if the exchange rate fluctuates strongly ... The gold reserves of the Bundesbank are the second largest in the world (after the U.S Federal Reserve) ...
Bretton Woods System - Late Application - U.S. Balance of Payments Crisis
... held $26 billion in gold reserves, of an estimated total of $40 billion (approx 60%) ... Woods System was that nations could only enforce gold convertibility on the anchor currency—the United States’ dollar ... would erode confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency created instability ...

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