Cup and Saucer Stakes - Winners of The Cup and Saucer Stakes

Winners of The Cup and Saucer Stakes

2012 Star Contender Patrick Husbands Mark Casse John C. Oxley 1:45.94
2011 Hard Not to Like (filly) Patrick Husbands Gail Cox Hillsbrook Farms 1:48.00
2010 Celtic Conviction Emile Ramsammy Michael Doyle Dura Racing/Doyle 1:44.88
2009 Hollinger Tyler Pizarro Roger Attfield R. Harvey & A. Wortzman 1:42.53
2008 Utterly Cool Patrick Husbands Sid C. Attard Jim Dandy Stable 1:44.62
2007 Deputiformer Jono Jones Mike DePaulo David James 1:44.47
2006 Leonnatus Anteas Jono Jones Kevin Attard Knob Hill Stable 1:45.58
2005 Pyramid Park Slade Callaghan Michael J. Doyle Eaton Hall Farm 1:41.43
2004 Slew's Saga Steven Bahen Robert P. Tiller Karen & Mickey Taylor 1:44.14
2003 Master William Patrick Husbands Michael W. Dickinson Ken & Sarah Ramsey 1:42.46
2002 Mobil Todd Kabel Michael Keogh Gus Schickedanz 1:42.33
2001 Atlantic Fury (filly) Slade Callaghan Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:50.20
2000 Sky Alliance Gary Boulanger Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm et al. 1:42.49
1999 Dixieland Diamond Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:47.37
1998 Apalachian Chief Richard Dos Ramos James M. Dalton William A. Sorokolit, Sr. 1:44.20
1997 Gudai Might Richard Dos Ramos David R. Bell R. F. & J. E. Shaw 1:42.40
1996 Muskrat Sammy Richard Dos Ramos Reade Baker Cinnamont & Assoc. 1:47.20
1995 Crown Attorney Ricky Griffith John P. MacKenzie A. & M. Lamb 1:42.80
1994 Always a Rainbow David Clark James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.00
1993 Comet Shine David Clark James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:44.20
1992 Explosive Red Mark Larsen Daniel J. Vella Stronach Stables 1:46.40
1991 Great Regent James McKnight Gil Rowntree B. K. Y. Stable 1:42.80
1990 Rainbows For Life Brian Swatuk James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:44.00
1989 Sky Classic Sandy Hawley James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.40
1988 Wave Wise Jack Lauzon James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:43.20
1987 Regal Classic Dave Penna James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:44.20
1986 Devilish Gleam Larry Attard James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:48.60
1985 Grey Classic Irwin Driedger James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:43.20
1984 Dauphin Fabuleux Jeffrey Fell James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.60
1983 Park Regent Dan Beckon Gordon Huntley Parkview Stable 1:44.20
1982 Victorious Emperor Irwin Driedger James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:50.00
1981 Brave Regent David Clark Macdonald Benson Windfields Farm 1:52.80
1980 Frost King Lloyd Duffy Bill Marko Ted Smith & Bill Marko 1:52.80
1979 Allan Blue Joe Belowus Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:51.00
1978 Nonparrell Sandy Hawley Jerry C. Meyer S. Asadoorian 1:49.60
1977 Potential George HoSang Roy Johnson Mrs. J. Josephson 1:53.00
1977 High Roller Ron Turcotte J. Lankinen R. A. Kennedy & J. Indig 1:52.00
1976 Lucky North Man Jeffrey Fell Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:49.60
1975 Proud Tobin Jeffrey Fell Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:50.40
1974 L'Enjoleur Sandy Hawley Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:46.40
1973 Cozy's Cousin W. Green David C. Brown L. Jones 1:48.80
1972 Good Port Hugo Dittfach Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:53.00
1971 Presidial John LeBlanc W. Reeves Windfields Farm 1:49.20
1970 Kennedy Road Sandy Hawley James C. Bentley Helen G. Stollery 1:46.80
1969 Croquemitaine Dave Dennie Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:45.20
1968 Viceregal Richard Grubb Gordon McCann Windfields Farm 1:46.40
1967 Arctic Blizzard Sam McComb Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Larkin Maloney family 1:46.40
1966 Cool Reception Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. Larkin Maloney family 1:46.60
1965 Burning Luke John LeBlanc Richard B. Mattingly Mrs. J. Cerullo 1:53.40
1964 Good Old Mort Avelino Gomez Jerry C. Meyer Edward B. Seedhouse 1:45.60
1963 Grand Garcon Richard Armstrong Wolf Von Richthofen F. A. Sherman 1:45.60
1962 Hop Hop Hugo Dittfach Carl F. Chapman Larkin Maloney 1:57.80
1961 Peter's Chop Sam McComb W. Haynes P. Del Greco 1:48.20
1960 Jammed Lucky Hugo Dittfach Yonnie Starr Conn Smythe 1:47.60
1959 Victoria Park Avelino Gomez Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 1:52.40
1958 New Providence Ben Sorenson Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 1:46.20
1957 Chomiru Samuel Cosentino F. Look Shermanor Farms 1:45.00
1956 Ali's Pride (DH) E. Roy William Thurner W. J. Farr 1:45.80
1956 Lad Ator (DH) Ernie Warme Jim G. Fair Jim G. Fair 1:45.80
1955 Canadian Champ David Stevenson John Passero William R. Beasley 1:49.60
1954 Loyalist David Stevenson R. Punshon W. A. Moffatt 1:47.20
1953 King Maple Herb Lindberg John Hornsby Mrs. G. McMacken 1:46.00
1952 Canadiana Jose Vina Gordon McCann E. P. Taylor 1:45.00
1951 Firey Red Charlie McTague G. Ward G. Ward 1:46.60
1950 Libertine Alf Bavington Red Barnard Medway Stable 1:47.20
1950 Little Secret R. Fisher E. Harbourne F. Little 1:47.00
1949 McGill Chris Rogers Willie Russell Mrs. Frank Dougherty 1:46.00
1948 Speedy Irish Johnny Dewhurst O. Viau C. George McCullagh 1:46.40
1947 Ohsodry E. Roy G. Campbell L. H. Appleby 1:47.00
1946 Casa Camara Herb Lindberg Robert K. Hodgson Willie F. Morrissey 1:49.80
1945 Kingarvie Johnny Dewhurst Arthur Brent Parkwood Stable 1:54.00
1944 Uttermost Robert B. Watson Cecil Howard Harry C. Hatch 1:54.20
1943 Heulwen Chris Rogers Arthur Brent Parkwood Stable 1:52.00
1942 Arbor Vita Pat Remillard Robert K. Hodgson Willie F. Morrissey 1:51.80
1941 Ten to Ace C. W. Smith Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Jr. 1:44.60
1940 Warrigan Tom Aimers Frank Gilpin Parkwood Stable 1:44.80
1939 Dark Comet Charlie McTague J. Hamilton George M. Hendrie 1:49.60
1938 Archworth S. Denny Birley Mark Cowell C. George McCullagh 1:44.00
1937 Suffern Charlie McTague William H. Bringloe Harry C. Hatch 1:45.80
  • Run in two divisions in 1950 and 1977. The second division in 1977 was won by Overskate but he was disqualified and set back to fourth.

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