Cumulonimbus Clouds

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Cumulus - Relation To Other Clouds - Cumulonimbus Clouds
... Cumulonimbus clouds are the final form of growing cumulus clouds ... They form when cumulus congestus clouds develop a strong updraft that propels their tops higher and higher into the atmosphere until they reach the tropopause at 60,000 feet (18,000 m) in ... Cumulonimbus clouds, commonly called thunderheads, can produce high winds, torrential rain, lightning, gust fronts, and tornadoes ...
Coldfront - Development of Cold Front
... Prolonged rain (nimbostratus) or thunderstorms (cumulonimbus) depends on conditions ... Showers, then clearing Clouds* Often preceded by cirrus, cirrostratus then altostratus like a warm front (but usually with smaller amounts of these clouds) ... Larger cumulus clouds under the higher cloud types than at a warm front, where stratocumulus and cumulus humilis usually occur ...

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